Global Financial Crisis – time to be united!

    نشرت 24 02, 2009 مؤلف CEO

    At economic security market appeared a new alliance of Russian company R-Techno and Lithuanian company "BVS Info". The latter is well known to Baltic business as a professional risk preventing Team.

    Expanding geography of information – analytic services – is a key to Clients’ success. “Baltic states, for a wonder, are among largest importers from Russia. Therefore information on business partners (intermediary, supplier) – is half of security of international trading deal.” - says President of R-Techno group Roman Romachev. Alexandrs Irgashevas, director of "BVS Info", also underlined importance of information on Russian counterparts for businessmen from Baltic states.

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    آخر الأخبار

    آخر الأخبار
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