R-Techno has launched new search gear – Webinsight

    نشرت 20 04, 2009 مؤلف CEO

    The main feature of this service – search in the invisible part of internet, i.e. docs of Federal Tax Agency, Federal Service of Law Enforcement, Pension Fund, Federal Anti-Monopoly Agency, Labor Inspection, EMERCOM, Arbitration Court, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Agency, as well as docs of similar agencies of CIS countries, including Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia. By mid April this search gear has processed 1800 docs, and contained information on 184670 Limited Liability Companies, 23248 – CJSC, 22141 – JSC!

    Information includes:

    • Tax debtors (companies) lists;
    • Private businessmen – tax debtors;
    • Alimony debtors list;
    • Individual debtors on transportation tax;
    • Disqualified persons list;
    • List of companies registered on faked passports;
    • Mass registration addresses list;
    • List of companies registered on mass registration addresses;
    • List of companies of mass founders;
    • List of mass applicators;
    • List of companies – debtors on salary payment;
    • Lists of unconscientious suppliers of state enterprises;
    • List of persons associated with terrorist activities;
    • List of persons associated with money laundring;
    • List of criminal suspects;
    • List of invalid tax register numbers and legal entities registration numbers (INN and ORGN);
    • List of cancelled liquor licenses;
    • Lists of companies subject to enforced bankruptcy;
    • International lists of FATF and other bodies: Denied Persons List, Investment Ban list, Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) list, Specially Designated Nationals List, The Consolidated List.

    R-Techno team starting its work on this project, had in mind problems of its Clients who had to search numerous data bases and various internet sources to get information on their counterparts. That is why R-Techno decided to take a role of information integrator to make Clients’ life easier.

    Under crisis condition such service becomes more valuable, because even simple check against papers of regulating bodies can considerably decrease company’s business risks, such as tax risk, foreign trade risk, counterpart fraud plots risk, etc. – says Roman Romachev.

    WebInsight service is targeting staff of security companies, credit departments, information analysts, compliance-managers, detectives, auditors and financial controllers, accountants, procurement officers, reporters, officers of internal affairs ministry, etc.

    "Documents presented in the system – are the files allocated by their moderators into the open access internet. But due to the complicated archives structure usually they are considered to be an invisible part of internet. There are several reasons for this situation: 1. documents are formatted or archived in soft ware not supported by search gears. 2. files are too big in size. 3. files are allocated without direct link, or in the “depth of a site”. 4. information could have a format of data base that could be found only upon a request, etc. Highly qualified experts of our company applied a lot of efforts to complete all these tasks in the deep waters of the net. Ordinary users could hardly do it, - says Elena Rogacheva, Deputy director of R-Techno. Web insight service could be found at: http://r-techno.com/rtechno/online-services/webinsight/

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