Russian and Norwegian business intelligence firms signed partnership agreement

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    Russian R-Techno, the leader in the competitor intelligence market, expands its international partner network. It has recently signed a partnership agreement with Norwegian Diligentia, which specializes in open source intelligence (OSINT), reputation due diligence, analysis of the sovereign risks and mass media monitoring.
    Cooperation between the intelligence bureaus from Russia and Norway is largely determined by the long-awaited signature of the treaty between the countries on maritime delimitation and cooperation in the Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean, which means not only the end of the 40-year negotiations regarding this matter but also gives a new incentive to the foreign economic cooperation between the states.
    “Partnership between R-Techno and Diligentia AS implies the joint provision of services to the Russian and Norwegian businessmen, who develop the new markets. It is more relevant than ever, as the treaty our countries signed will lead to business promotion”, Roman Romachev, President of R-Techno, says.
    According to him, representatives of 30 Norwegian companies, which wanted to evaluate the economic and investment potential of the maritime area, came to the Arkhangelsk region in late September. They took part in the Russian-Norwegian negotiations about potential cooperation in different spheres, varying from oil and gas to shipbuilding, woodworking and mineral extraction.
    “Companies will not be able to efficiently cooperate, without having information on each other’s business reputation. It’s like mushrooming blindfolded”, Roman Romachev acknowledged.
    They may get such information from the competitor intelligence companies. “They will help in support for the management decisions, tell them about risks and threats, which might damage the business, clamp down on the competitors’ attempts to gain access to the classified information and many other things”, Roman Romachev specified advantages of the partnership between the companies and business intelligence agencies.
    Norwegian Diligentia AS business intelligence agency has been operating in the competitor intelligence market since 2005, while Russian R-Techno – since 2003. R-Techno has a network of representatives in Serbia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Italy.
    Diligentia website: http://www.diligentia.no
    R-Techno website: http://www.r-techno.com

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