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    The Bitter Truth About Kashmir

    Posted on 10 July, 2019

    Millenniums before Islam, Pakistan and People’s Republic of China came into being, the land of Kashmir was a center of learning, knowledge and spiritual pursuit for followers of Vedic religion and its philosophical offshoots. However, post invasions by invaders from North West, destinies, demographics and descriptions changed.    Some of the initial invaders had to say, that if there was a heaven on earth, it was here, in Kashmir. Ironically, an entire mountain range came to be...

    The Meaning of Being Illuminati

    Posted on 25 June, 2019

    In this book, you will find a scholarly rigorous investigation of the issue of humanity’s illumination and an integral, strategic existential proposal. The greatest challenges facing humanity in the contemporary era are: first of all, a global existential crisis; secondly, the misconceived and deceiving dilemmas “post-ontological truths versus post-truth rhetoric,” “populism versus technocracy,” “nihilistic nationalism versus nihilistic globalism,” and “secularist/atheistic obscurantism...

    [GK.] Πως Να Σωσουμε Την Ελλαδα

    Posted on 20 July, 2015


    Western imperialism, ‘muslim extremism’, and zionism: A controversial and explosive triangle

    Posted on 7 July, 2015

    Dr Nicolas Laos Partner (Expert in Geopolitics and World Security,  R-Techno private intelligence company, Moscow) Jihadism The modern West has played a decisive role in the radicalization, distortion, and aggressive mutation of several Muslim communities. The following are characteristic facts that clarify the role that the West has played in the history of the Islamic world: ‒ In the 19th century, the West realized that, in order to promote its geostrategic interests in the...

    Evaluation of national bonds and currencies: How rating agencies and institutional investors evaluate bonds and currencies

    Posted on 20 March, 2015

    In the present essay, I analyze the algorithm and the criteria by means of which rating agencies and institutional investors evaluate national bonds and currencies. Evaluation of national bonds and currencies: How rating agencies and institutional investors evaluate bonds...

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    9 July, 2020

    The CIA disclosed some state secrets to use them as a...

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