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Information and Hybrid Warfare in Business Environment

    Your business reputation is an intangible asset directly affecting the business success. Any information blow against business reputation can paralyze the entire business and it will be very difficult to recover from it. Our intelligence company is focused on adjusting the information field surrounding the reputation of individuals, brands, or businesses. Many years of such works have been translated into some high-profile projects both in business and politics. We are ready to jump into any information fight and thwart an attack on our customer’s brand or reputation.

    Special outreach activities include:

    1. Collecting information about the problem
    2. Generating creative content
    3. Working with blogging platforms and social media
    4. Interacting with online media outlets
    5. Making posts on Telegram channels and chats
    6. Working with video and image hosting services
    7. SEO
    8. Leaks
    9. Working with international sanctions services and other non-conventional solutions

    And remember that any action against your business reputation whether it is a smear campaign or disclosure of damaging information does not pull the plug on your future successful business!

    Countering Sanction Threats

    With political decisions getting in the way of competition these days, it is necessary to alter a firm plan to mitigate possible sanction risks. The artificial inhibition of business and use of restrictions will immediately affect the company’s economic indicators. Sometimes, you have to use the most powerful tools to avert such threats:

    1. GR
    2. PsyOPS

    You have to be proactive! It is much more difficult and expensive to save the business drowning in problems!