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Business Intelligence and Background Checking

    Business intelligence is essential to the mitigation of any business risks. Having information about threats you might face when dealing with a new contractor will allow you to come up with a safe path of interaction or refuse to do business with them and choose a different partner.
    What we can discover about companies:

    1. company history and formation of its initial capital
    2. business reputation
    3. criminal record and connections
    4. solvency and payment history
    5. scheme of affiliates and business relations
    6. litigations and conflicts
    7. top management and majority shareholders, etc.

    What we can discover about individuals:

    1. criminal record and connections
    2. professional reputation and employment references
    3. assets and income
    4. conflict of interest
    5. risk behavior, etc.

    Many years of experience enabled us to tailor special information rates to meet standard inquiries you can find out more about by contacting our company.

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