Business intelligence in Indonesia

    Опубликовано 18.02.2011 Автор CEO

    The company "Information and Consulting Agency" is R-Techno’s partner and it’s expanding its activities to support Russian business structures in Indonesia. As of today, the company has helped to realize a number of major investment projects in oil and mining industries in Indonesia, thereby, a professional team gained a reputation as a reliable partner in business and political establishment of the country. Victor Tarusin, the Executive director, said: "… Besides supporting Russian business, the company provides support to Indonesian businessmen in Russia. So in the last six months, there have been several investigations into fraud by Russian "businessmen", who had used such well known brands as Rosneft, Russneft, Transneft, Burgaz, etc. as a cover to their fraudulent schemes. This work helps to minimize risks and promotes enforcement of trust between business structures of different countries. Our plans now to expand the geography of our activity in all ASEAN countries."

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