The Meaning of Being Illuminati

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    In this book, you will find a scholarly rigorous investigation of the issue of humanity’s illumination and an integral, strategic existential proposal. The greatest challenges facing humanity in the contemporary era are: first of all, a global existential crisis; secondly, the misconceived and deceiving dilemmas “post-ontological truths versus post-truth rhetoric,” “populism versus technocracy,” “nihilistic nationalism versus nihilistic globalism,” and “secularist/atheistic obscurantism versus superstitious/sacerdotal obscurantism”; thirdly, the rising insignificance of civil society and the spiritual degradation of civil elites; and, fourthly, the inability of the modern political theories (liberalism, socialism, and fascism) to provide humanity with meaningful solutions to its major socio-political problems. The world needs a new research program. Indeed, this book proposes a new research program, which I call “Ur-Illuminism.”

    Dr. Nicolas Laos


    Published in England, in July 2019, by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, ISBN 13: 978-1-5275-3354-7 and ISBN 10: 1-5275-3354-9

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