A Practical Course of HUMINT for Private Intelligence

    Опубликовано 16.08.2022 Автор CEO

    A Practical Course of HUMINT for Private Intelligence

    “A Practical Course of HUMINT for Private Intelligence” by President of R-Techno Intelligence Agency Roman Romachev has finally come out.

    The book describes technologies for investigating information in the private intelligence sector. This is a unrivaled work, which highlights the entire process from a holistic perspective: search for a source of information, legendizing, psychological profiling, development of the first contact approach, lie detection technologies, HUMINT manipulation technologies, social engineering technologies, information manipulation, capturing information, software solutions for HUMINT, etc. The course comes with a huge number of examples from both practice and ordinary life and popular movies. The book is based on more than twenty years of the author’s experience in private intelligence.

    The book will appeal to competitive intelligence and IT security professionals, law enforcement and special service officers, white-hat hackers, risk managers, journalists, etc.

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