Duemarx – the best innovative product of 2008!

    Опубликовано 4.02.2009 Автор CEO

    In 2008 R-Techno company detached a new line of business – marketing intelligence as separated brand – Duemarx. Due to its innovative product Duemarx gained respect and credibility with clients. Special interest to this product was ignited by Global financial crisis. Under crisis conditions demand for marketing intelligence has grown in times.

    Duemarx activities could not be left unattended by Security market players and due to positive responses of the clients and market participants, it was nominated in the industry competition for the award “Appreciation of Security market 2008.” Among other serious participants the jury selected Duemarx as the winner in nomination “The best innovative product of the year.

    Yelena Rogacheva, Duemarx General director says, “Business intelligence opens incredible opportunities for marketing research. Non standard approach provides higher authenticity and allows to get an insight view on the situation, supported by facts, but not only open sources information and expert opinion".

    DUEMARX is the first marketing company at Russian market that combines technologies of due diligence and marketing. Its operation is based on technologies of economic intelligence in marketing researches. Successful combination of two technologies for the sake of one target has provided higher authenticity and to elaborate non standard approach to task execution.

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