Декабрь 2010

    Компания «Р-Техно» завершила очередной курс образовательной программы «Технологии разведки для бизнеса» в одном из ведущих банков России

    Опубликовано 27.12.2010 Автор CEO

    В минувшие выходные специалистами компании «Р-Техно» был проведен очередной курс тренингов по программе «Технологии разведки для бизнеса». Как и в прошлый раз, среди наиболее востребованных тем тренинга оказались: OSINT: Эффективный поиск в сети Интернет, OSINT: Анализ информации и HUMINT: Технологии социальной инженерии в бизнес-разведке. Тренинг провели: Нежданов Игорь Юрьевич и Рогачева Елена Юрьевна. На данный момент «Р-Техно» завершает планирование тренингов на январь-февраль 2011 года....

    Business intelligence professional are ready to help banks comply with the anti-laundry law

    Опубликовано 24.12.2010 Автор CEO

    In January 2011, Russian banks will face a drastic tightening of control over the observance of the anti-laundry law. They will have to identify the real owners behind their clients. The Central Bank, the Federal Financial Markets Service and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service will be able to punish banks for the same violation. The penalties (their maximum size will be doubled) may be imposed not only on a bank and its top management but also on its line managers. Banks fear that this...

    What consultants does the Russian Investigation Committee need?

    Опубликовано 24.12.2010 Автор CEO

    Last week, the Department of Economic Security (DES) of the Interior Ministry held a meting of the department’s heads with bloggers. The meeting discussed how web users can help in the fight against corruption. The subject is extremely urgent and relevant, especially considering the fact that many governmental institutions are increasingly turning to web users for assistance. In summer 2010 the Investigation Committee (IC) of the Russian Prosecutor's Office announced that a new structure -...

    The "intelligence 2 business" project updated

    Опубликовано 23.12.2010 Автор CEO

    The second version of the it2b.ru project has been launched. The new website is powered with the Web 2.0 technologies, which turn the site into an interactive platform for communication among experts in business intelligence.

    R-Techno introduces a unique proprietary educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies

    Опубликовано 23.12.2010 Автор CEO

    Professionals of the intelligence technology agency – R-Techno – are introducing a unique educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies. This is a proprietary training course that helps people gain practical skills of economic intelligence. This way, R-Techno makes a significant contribution to the training of professionals who want their businesses to be highly competitive. Under the "Intelligence Technology for Business" training sessions,...
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