Masters of Political Science – Officers of Information and Hybrid Conflicts

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    Masters of Political Science – Officers of Information and Hybrid Conflicts

    Roman Romachev, President of R-Techno, a private intelligence company, took part in the training of graduate students of Sevastopol State University in information and hybrid conflicts. Roman Vladimirovich gave a course and a series of hands-on classes, titled “Intelligence Operations Control in Information and Hybrid Warfare.” The course sparked a strong interest among the students who learnt the things no one ever told them about – anonymity in subversive activities in the information space, social engineering as a method to obtain information, risk management in information and hybrid conflicts, building of an intelligence unit from scratch. He was giving classes in the conditions as close to reality as possible. These new skills and knowledge, a truly unique thing per se, have become a huge help for the attendees when they analyzed cases of famous information operations carried out by the western special services; the cases were provided by another renowned intelligence expert, Information and Hybrid Conflicts program advisor, Professor Andrey Viktorovich Manoylo.

    The Sevastopol State University authorities highly appreciated the R-Techno’s contribution to specialist training. Also of note is that SSU has been at the tip of the spear offering such an educational program in Russia. No one used a systemic approach to teaching such a subject before. Even western civil and military universities cannot make this kind of display. After trials in Crimea, the course might be introduced in Moscow schools and institutions.

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