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The U.S. Proxy Intelligence. Humanitarian Front

    Posted on 19 February, 2024 by CEO

    The U.S. Proxy Intelligence. Humanitarian Front

    This is the first book introducing the Proxy Intelligence concept, which focuses on the U.S. non-profit intelligence actors, such as NPOs/NGOs, foundations, and even parties.

    A sequel to The History of the U.S. Private Intelligence, this book exposes intelligence activities of private non-profit organizations. Simply put, this is a detailed file of the U.S. private intelligence industry gathered by OSINT methods.
    The book will interest a wide audience of journalists, public officials, intelligence historians, diplomats, law enforcement and special service officers, employees of private intelligence companies, and security professionals.

    The author is Roman Vladimirovich Romachev, President of R-Techno Intelligence Agency.