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Mathematical Compendium with Applications

    Posted on 8 December, 2023 by CEO

    Mathematical Compendium with Applications

    At the following link, you can download and read R-Techno partner Nicolas Laos’s book entitled “A Mathematical Compendium with Applications.” Every civilized person in general and every competent intelligence analyst in particular must have some familiarity with structured, logical and mathematical thinking. This is necessary to develop reality awareness and efficient ways of action. Scientific education helps us to perform our functions with objectivity and with awareness of our own assumptions and reasoning, it cultivates mental clarity, it reinforces mental alertness, and it boosts creativity.

    R-Techno, having established a strong background in analysis and in providing a variety of consulting services, intends, with this publication, to contribute to the education of professionals and clients in our industry, and, generally, to the education of all interested parties. In the following book by Nicolas Laos, you will find a systematic, self-contained study of Mathematical Philosophy, Logic, Arithmetic, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Classical Euclidean Geometry, Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry, Non-Euclidean Geometries, Infinitesimal Calculus, Differential and Integral Equations, with Mathematical Physics, Biomathematics, Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Psychology, and Mathematical Modelling of Strategic Studies and Warfare Problems, in one concise volume.

    Link: https://r-techno.com/files/NicolasLaosAMathematicalCompendiumwithApplications.pdf