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    Journalist Rights:

    1. seek, request, receive, and distribute information;
    2. visit government bodies and organizations, companies and institutions, bodies of non-governmental associations or their press services;
    3. be received by officials over information requests;
    4. access documents and materials other than their fragments containing information classified as a state, trade or other special secret protected by law;
    5. copy, publish, divulge or otherwise reproduce documents and materials subject to the requirements of Part I, Article 42 of this Law;
    6. make recordings, including with audio and video, filming and photography equipment, unless otherwise provided by law;
    7. visit specially protected natural disaster, accident, and catastrophe sites; places of civil unrest and mass gathering, and areas in which a state of emergency is declared; attend rallies and demonstrations;
    8. validate any information reported;
    9. lay out his or her individual judgments and evaluations in reports and materials intended for distribution under his or her signature;
    10. refuse to prepare a report or a material under his or her signature in conflict with his or her beliefs;
    11. withdraw his or her signature from a report or a material, which, in his or her opinion, was distorted by editorial preparations, or ban or otherwise stipulate the conditions and use of this report or material in accordance with Part I, Article 42 of this Law;
    12. distribute any prepared reports and materials under his or her signature, under pseudonym, or without any signature.
    13. The journalist may also exercise other rights provided by the Russian mass media legislation.