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    R-Techno is a reliable partner!

    Posted on 4 February, 2009

    “Interfax – AKI” agency increased credit rating of R-Techno company, keeping common assessment as “Company capable in time and in full to meet its obligation

    Duemarx – the best innovative product of 2008!

    Posted on 4 February, 2009

    In 2008 R-Techno company detached a new line of business – marketing intelligence as separated brand – Duemarx. Due to its innovative product Duemarx gained respect and credibility with clients. Special interest to this product was ignited by Global financial crisis. Under crisis conditions demand for marketing intelligence has grown in times. Duemarx activities could not be left unattended by Security market players and due to positive responses of the clients and market participants, it...

    Research on mobile content market. Analytic report on Russian market (VAS) in 2008

    Posted on 29 January, 2009

    Duemarx completed market research on VAS market in Russia 2008.   Market research of mobile content market in Russia includes the most recent data, obtained in the result of interviewing experts, representatives of leading market players, analyzed statistic data. In the process of research preparation a lot of open and exclusive documents were used.   Research content:   1. Main indicators of mobile content market Main Indicators of mobile content...

    R-Techno Company - has completed development of "it2b.bloginformer 3100+" system

    Posted on 28 January, 2009

    "it2b.bloginformer 3100+" - automatic system of posts placement in blogs. Field of application: Combat blogging, information wars; Company services promoting; PR; SEO.

    Desctop table for our partners

    Posted on 26 January, 2009

    To download desctop for "it2b. internetspyspider 3000+"

    Russian market of computer games 2008

    Posted on 20 January, 2009

    Компания Duemarx успешно завершила маркетинговое исследование рынка компьютерных игр 2008 г.   Содержание маркетингового исследования:   Исследование рынка компьютерных игр. Аналитический отчет о российском рынке компьютерных игр в 2008 году   1. Основные показатели рынка компьютерных игр. Основные показатели рынка компьютерных игр. Динамика рынка и его объем. Основные тенденции рынка. Активные игроки и портрет аудитории.  ...

    The best search solution for competitive intelligence in 2008

    Posted on 20 January, 2009

    Экспертный совет Интернет-проекта "Технологии разведки для бизнеса" http://it2b.ru признал самым лучшим поисковым программным обеспечением для конкурентной разведки в 2008 году разработку Алексея Мыльникова – SiteSputnik.   Интернет-проект SiteSputnik (СайтСпутник) автоматизирует работу пользователя с поисковиками, выполняет аналитическую обработку результатов поиска и мониторинг интернет ресурсов. Подробнее об этих функциях. Автоматизация поиска и сбора информации....

    Data base “Mass media in Russia 2008"

    Posted on 19 January, 2009

    Within data bases serial “Invisible Internet” a new edition was issued “Mass media in Russia in 2008” . Base fields: Name of mass media, founders, contact details, license reg. number, etc. DB format - CronosPlus; Number of records – about 65000; Price – 1500 RR VAT 18% included.

    Russian apple market in 2008

    Posted on 11 January, 2009

    Duemarx has completed market research "Russian apple market in 2008". This research as all others conducted by Duemarx, is a symbiosis of classical market research and business intelligence. This fact has positively increase authenticity of information provided and create unique product!  

    Data bases “Invisible Internet"

    Posted on 11 January, 2009

    In January 2009 in Data bases serial “Invisible internet” were issued the following information products: "Interpol search 2008" "Bankrupts in Byelorussia 2008" "US companies condemned in fraud in 2008" "Unconscionable suppliers FAS 2008" "Debtors in metal industry 2008"

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