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    Beware of crime complicity!

    Posted on 9 February, 2011

    Once you accidentally dealt with a phony by-night company, law enforcement or supervisory agencies can keep an eye on you as a criminal complicity! The share of fraudulent transactions in commercial deals in Russia is among the highest in the world! The Central Bank of Russia keeps on withdrawing banking licenses for improper verification of the involvement of banks’ clients in money laundering. The tax authorities have tightened measures to combat the use of by-night companies to minimize...

    Hole-free browser. Myth or reality?

    Posted on 6 February, 2011

    Author: Arkady Beinenson Source: rus.ruvr.ru/radio_broadcast/6409570/41591880/index.html Is it really possible to create a browser that will prevent any leakage of personal information? Our guest (by telephone): Roman Romachev, President of R-Techno Group of Companies; Maxim Emm, head of Audit Department, Informzaschita Company. Host: Arkady Beinenson Audio version of the program (Russian)

    "Intelligence 2 business" training program for industrial companies

    Posted on 31 January, 2011

    R-Techno Company held yet another training course within the Business Intelligence Technologies program at one of the largest industrial enterprises in Moscow region. Along with the now traditional subjects of the course - OSINT: Efficient Search on the Internet and OSINT: Information Analysis – the participants learned new solutions of innovative approaches for their business. Business intelligence professionals - Igor Nezhdanov and Roman Romachev, head of R-Techno – conducted the...

    WebInsight subscription

    Posted on 19 January, 2011

    Now every customer can buy the WebInsight file archive with an annual subscription to monthly updates. You can order the file archive and updates via the e-store Information Shopping: The file archive – http://market.it2b.ru/shop/UID_15387.html   Updates subscription – http://market.it2b.ru/shop/UID_15388.html The bought archive files can be installed in the corporate information system, which in turn will significantly increase (automate) the archive search speed and...

    Watching on the Net

    Posted on 18 January, 2011

    Author: Alexei Duel Source: kp.ru/daily/25621/788187/   This is the most trivial case. You have come to get a job, fill out an application form and participate in an interview. What else might an employer need? These procedures are enough to find out the competence of a prospective employee and learn about his previous records. But… But HR officers increasingly tend to gather information about would-be staff from the so-called independent sources. That is, from the Internet. It turns...

    Business intelligence professional are ready to help banks comply with the anti-laundry law

    Posted on 24 December, 2010

    In January 2011, Russian banks will face a drastic tightening of control over the observance of the anti-laundry law. They will have to identify the real owners behind their clients. The Central Bank, the Federal Financial Markets Service and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service will be able to punish banks for the same violation. The penalties (their maximum size will be doubled) may be imposed not only on a bank and its top management but also on its line managers. Banks fear that this...

    What consultants does the Russian Investigation Committee need?

    Posted on 24 December, 2010

    Last week, the Department of Economic Security (DES) of the Interior Ministry held a meting of the department’s heads with bloggers. The meeting discussed how web users can help in the fight against corruption. The subject is extremely urgent and relevant, especially considering the fact that many governmental institutions are increasingly turning to web users for assistance. In summer 2010 the Investigation Committee (IC) of the Russian Prosecutor's Office announced that a new structure -...

    The "intelligence 2 business" project updated

    Posted on 23 December, 2010

    The second version of the it2b.ru project has been launched. The new website is powered with the Web 2.0 technologies, which turn the site into an interactive platform for communication among experts in business intelligence.

    R-Techno introduces a unique proprietary educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies

    Posted on 23 December, 2010

    Professionals of the intelligence technology agency – R-Techno – are introducing a unique educational program "Intelligence Technology for Business" in major Russian companies. This is a proprietary training course that helps people gain practical skills of economic intelligence. This way, R-Techno makes a significant contribution to the training of professionals who want their businesses to be highly competitive. Under the "Intelligence Technology for Business" training sessions,...

    Beware: twitter

    Posted on 20 December, 2010

    Several scammers have been recently arrested in the US for abusing the Facebook and Twitter social networks. The swindlers used the sites to tout stocks in a "pump and dump" fraud. They used Twitter feeds to lure  people to buy cheap stocks they'd artificially inflated through false "independent market research"  The loss is estimated at about $7 million. Cyber fraud is developing together with IT, says the head of the R-Tehno agency Roman Romachev:"Scamming is easy with...

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