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February 2009

    Sale of "Blog - Army"

    Posted on 26 February, 2009 by CEO

    Commercial offer on creation of Blog army has been updated. One should remember – combat blog – is a tool to implement strategy on corporative and personal image protection!

    Распродажа "блог-армии"

    Posted on 26 February, 2009 by CEO

    Обновлено коммерческое предложение по созданию " блог-армии ". Помните, боевой блог — это инструмент для реализации стратегии по защите корпоративного или персонального имиджа!

    Global Financial Crisis – time to be united!

    Posted on 24 February, 2009 by CEO

    At economic security market appeared a new alliance of Russian company R-Techno and Lithuanian company " BVS Info ". The latter is well known to Baltic business as a professional risk preventing Team. Expanding geography of information – analytic services – is a key to Clients’ success. “Baltic states, for a wonder, are among largest importers from Russia. Therefore information on business partners (intermediary, supplier) – is half of security of international trading deal.” - says...

    Глобальный финансовый кризис – время объединения!

    Posted on 24 February, 2009 by CEO

    Вот и на рынке обеспечения экономической безопасности образовался союз между российской компанией "Р-Техно" и литовской " BVS Info ", которая широко известна прибалтийскому бизнесу, как профессиональная команда оказывающая услуги по предотвращению деловых рисков. Расширение географии информационно-аналитических услуг – ключ к успеху заказчиков. По словам президента группы компаний "Р-Техно" Ромачева Романа – "..Прибалтийские страны, как это ни странно – одни из крупнейших импортеров...

    The fifth anniversary of Business intelligence Forum

    Posted on 20 February, 2009 by CEO

    Our company with a group of colleagues celebrated the fifth anniversary of Business Intelligence Forum ( http://it2b-forum.ru ). For the recent five years Forum has become a united site for communication and sharing of experience. Picture gallery: History notes: “Excellent snooper” badge was established by the Decree of the Presidium of Supreme Council of the USSR dated March 10, 1943. Badge statute was approved by the Ministry of defense a bit...

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