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Asset tracing

    Our company can trace the property all over Russia and abroad.
    Movable property:

    • cars
    • motor bikes
    • yachts and boats
    • jets and helicopters
    • construction and special-purpose machinery

    Immovable property:

    • houses and apartments
    • land lots
    • garages and other buildings

    Business assets:

    • shares in businesses
    • stock and interests
    • affiliated companies
    • offshore companies and trusts


    • settlement and savings accounts
    • income
    • accounts receivable
    • cryptoassets
    • collections of paintings, watches, coins, weapons and other alternative investments
    • bullions and precious metals accounts

    Intangible assets:

    • brands and trademarks
    • income-generating Internet accounts
    • know-how and inventions, etc.

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