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Dollar, Oil, War: The Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Secrets of Global Capital

    Posted on 3 December, 2014 by CEO

    With the tumultuous changes that have been taking place on the world stage since the globalization decade of the 1990s and the world-crisis decade of the 2000s, International Relations scholars, investors (especially those who are heavily exposed to global risks), and political decision-makers have acknowledged their ever greater need for strategic intelligence and for a body of theory that assist them in their quest to understand contemporary events. This geopolitical and geoeconomic report, written by Dr Nicolas Laos, a Partner (expert on Geopolitics and Global Security) of R-Techno and the Chairman of the Research Institute for Noopolitical and Geopolitical Studies (RINGS), provides the reader with significant intelligence, insight, and analyses with regard to the following issues: (11) the genealogy of the petrodollar system and of the established economic world order; (2) the merging of national security policy, energy policy, and monetary policy into a unified field; (3) the 2014 secret agreement between the U.S.A. and Saudi Arabia about Syria; (4) the systemic weaknesses and risks of the U.S. economy and particularly of the U.S. dollar; (5) the manipulation of oil prices; (6) the secret geoeconomic agreement between U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Saudi King Abdullah that took place during their meeting in September 2014; (7) the panorama of chaos in the Arabo-Islamic world and the secret plans of the U.S. Neoconservatives and of the Zionists for the Middle East; (8) the economic models and strategies of the U.S. President Barack Obama and of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel; (91) the flaws of Obama’s quantitative easing model; (110) the flaws of Merkel’s monetarist model; (111) the need for a new economic architecture and the roles of the BRICS and of the Eurasian Economic Union.


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