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    From Strauss-Kahn To Varoufakis: Greece Needs A Different Strategy

    Posted on 2 March, 2015

    Dr Nicolas Laos Partner (Expert in Geopolitics and World Security), R-Techno private intelligence company In 2011, the euroatlanticist establishment and the “funds international” deconstructed the political and public hypostasis of the then IMF C.E.O. Dominique Strauss-Kahn (through a sexual scandal), because the latter, even though he was subscribing to the dark economic “orthodoxy” of the IMF, argued for an IMF with “human face” (or rather “human façade”), and, in the context of his...

    The Republic Of Cyprus At Gunpoint

    Posted on 9 February, 2015

    The Republic Of Cyprus At Gunpoint: The Euroatlanticists’ Plans for the Dissolution of the Republic of Cyprus, from the Trilateral Commission to the Oxford University Seminars Summary: In the present essay, we inform our Greek speaking readers about the following facts: 1. In 1971, in Lisbon, at the summit of the Foreign Ministers of the NATO member states, it was decided by the participants, including the Greek Foreign Minister and the Turkish Foreign Minister, that the Republic of...

    Russia and the Sanctions

    Posted on 6 February, 2015

    R.A. for R-Techno If sanctions did not work in Cuba or Iran they will not work in Russia. Period.  After all Russia is the biggest country in the world and has plenty of natural resources. Trying to isolate Russia is like trying to remove the water from the Pacific Ocean.    Russia will not retreat because of economic sanctions. Ukraine is extremely important for Putin. He is willing to invest a lot of capital for it; a lot more than France or Portugal. Putin not only...

    The Parastatal Activity Of Greek Far-Right / Fascist Forces, The Euroatlantic System Of Power, And Zionist Fascism: 1944‒2014

    Posted on 14 January, 2015

    Contents: Chapter 1: Greek fascism during the eras of the German Occupation and the Greek Civil War Chapter 2: The impact of the Cold War on the fascist and the neo-nazi phenomena Chapter 3: The Greek Branch of the “Stay Behind” network: “L.O.K.” (Lochoi Oreinōn Katadromōn) and “Kokkini Provia” Operation Chapter 4: The protagonists of the fascist/neo-nazi movement in Greece during the decade 1957-1967 Chapter 5: The dictatorship of the 21st April 1967: fascist parastatal forces...

    Dollar, Oil, War: The Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Secrets of Global Capital

    Posted on 3 December, 2014

    With the tumultuous changes that have been taking place on the world stage since the globalization decade of the 1990s and the world-crisis decade of the 2000s, International Relations scholars, investors (especially those who are heavily exposed to global risks), and political decision-makers have acknowledged their ever greater need for strategic intelligence and for a body of theory that assist them in their quest to understand contemporary events. This geopolitical and geoeconomic report,...

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